Using Less


It was time for me to make some changes with my photography.  I started my hobby as a way to record what I saw and did when I started traveling internationally some 20 years ago.  Mostly with zoom lenses and always in color.  After moving to Homewood I continued my recording of what I saw with my photography.

I have lived here at Homewood for longer than in most of the houses that I lived in and longer than most jobs I worked.  I thrive on change.  Now is the time to make an evolutionary shift with my photography and blog.  Today, I sold the last of my lenses and cameras other than what you see above.  

The biggest change with my photography is that I am only using a Fujifilm X-Pro3 camera with either an effective 35mm or 50mm lens.  I may add another lens or two depending on how my photography and writing evolves.  I wish to slowly move beyond simple “recordation or documentary photography” made with zoom lenses.  I will still use my blog to describe how this change is working for me and what I see happening around me.  I will not be photographing subjects that require a longer focal length, unless I buy another longer lens.  That means that most, not all, wildlife, birds, etc. are out of reach so I won’t be photographing those kinds of subjects without getting another lens.

I don’t know where this “way or path” is going to lead me but from now, at least for this phase of my photography, I only wish to make images that can be made with a few prime lenses and make images that “speak” to me, not necessarily you, but hopefully also to a few of you.  I hope to also be writing about my thoughts, not the bird or sight that I saw while using a longer focal length lens and not just about things here at Homewood.  I will continue to make images to illustrate what I write about in my blog.  

My photography will continue to be a center stone for my blog, at least as long as I can find images.  This is a challenge for me to see what I can make and how frequently I can post using only the gear pictured above.  My self imposed constraints for my blog are:  no recognizable people, emphasis on change, simpler, one camera, few lenses, and my thoughts on the realities of life along with what the future could look like.

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