AC is not The Solution

The earth is heating up due to the human-induced global pollution of the atmosphere.  Can we just increase air conditioning for our comfort as a remedy?  No.  That makes the climate heating worse.

If we build and keep installing more powerful air conditioners which more and more people will need, the amount of energy needed just goes up.  The more electricity we need to generate, the more heating we create.  It is a vicious cycle that is a self feeding feedback loop continuing to make the problem worse and worse.

So you say, build more nuclear plants, they don’t create more atmospheric pollution.  There is also a problem with doing that.  The more that the temperature rises, the less efficient are the nuclear plants.  Many of them around the world have had to cut back on the amount of electricity that they generate due to the heating already occurring which will still rise for years and years based on the pollution already added to the atmosphere.  While the fuel might be nuclear, the plants still need to generate electricity with a process that requires cooling.  That cooling is provided by the water source next to where they built the plant.  Either a large lake, the ocean, or a river which the nuclear plants also heat up. Those water cooling sources have been getting hotter, and in some cases are drying up due to the human created climate change which is creating worse or more widespread droughts.

The only solution if you wish life to continue on earth similar to what we have experienced in the past, or if you think this way “Make it great again”, is to quickly eliminate the human generated atmospheric pollution, the energy after products like greenhouse gases, etc.  And at the same time, figure out how to live with the damage already done i.e., the overshoot of the effects of the greenhouse gases already in the atmosphere.


  1. paula graham

    Such a now eternal dilemma we HAVE to solve. An enormous nuclear powerplant is being built close by…very, slowly as it is very, very expensive to create Probably will not get finished in my lifetime.