Looking with a 35mm F2 Lens

I have decided to use my Fuji X-Pro3 camera with three prime lenses for all of my photography, even though it makes me feel a little naked.  Not having any other options makes that a little easier.  My 35mm F2 is my primary lens.  These are a few images I made with it as I am getting a better feel with that effective 50mm focal length.  I have the 23mm F2 lens and the 50mm F2 lens to round out my decision to try and only utilize these three prime lenses with my camera.

Hopefully I’m not just photographing at random around Homewood at Plum Creek for just something to do.  I am still looking more closely for scenes that I can photograph that others might not have seen and photographed in this manner.

So far I only go out with one lens.  I need to pick a camera bag to use when out walking that enables me to take all three lenses with me just in case I need a different lens; but I don’t plan to photograph that way often.  I prefer just picking a lens before I go out with the intention to only photograph what I can with that one focal length.  The Fuji 35mm F2 lens is the best compromise.