Issues with B&W

I pretty much have my B&W processing “dialed in”.  What you see here is the result of my basic start, which I then sometimes tweak depending on the subject and lighting.  Note that while I’m using a Fujifilm camera which has many film simulations available, these are not based on Acros.  I start with a raw file and then apply my processing as I download the images into my computer.  The processing is a combination of a LR preset and my tweaking of the tone curve, auto tone, etc. with LR.  I also sometimes do some individual color tweaking after applying my basic preset in order to get the tones the way I like.

Processing my images is not the problem for me.  Some bigger issues are finding suitable scenes that work well in B&W and then listening to those around me complain about B&W images.

One issue is figuring out how to decide whether to use this B&W style, or color, with what I have available to photograph and with how I wish to express my emotions and beliefs relative to the state of our environment in these trying times.  I still dither back and forth about whether to use B&W or color, and whether to use one way or the other exclusively or not.

And then there are the subjects I have available and how to portray them.  I never cared for being known for the quality of my “snap shots”.  I often don’t agree with other people’s version of reality and I prefer to display images as I think of them.  Removing color helps, but is it enough?  No.  It still doesn’t change what I photograph.

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