Lacking Motion, Create It

Being somewhat frustrated with lack of things to photograph for my blog, I started thinking of ways to generate different photos from around where I live.  In thinking about it, I realized that there is a definite lack of movement in and around senior centers.  Sometimes I feel like I live in a ghost town.  Very few go out and walk.

One way I might be able to still create pictures might be to intentionally introduce camera motion.  That style would give me an additional way to make images that could compensate the lack of activity and privacy at the same time.

The above are a few recent experiments.  The first image was made from a print on my wall.  The print is a color print made while we were riding camels in the desert in Egypt.  I photographed the print while using intentional motion with the camera.  

The X-Pro3 worked great, but I folded down the LCD and used it so that I could easily check the exposure and review the image as I experimented.  I had problems with exposure since I didn’t have a ND filter that fit my lenses, but that issue will be short lived when my ND filter arrives.

A good example of how to make blurry images can be found in this video about Olga Karlovac’s images.  But, I won’t be able to do this in the snow at Homewood since no one would be out.  I might play with the technique and see if I can adapt it to my world.