B&W Variables & Possibilities

220831-072320-JEH22There are many variables that I am exploring, including the effects of colors.  This leaf is red and green.  But the main variables I am considering are Intentional Camera Motion (ICM), focus (in/out), exposure, and aperture in conjunction with distance. 

Another value that I am exploring with this technique is using it to blur images so that people are not identifiable, at least to outsiders and search engines, and being able to crop out small sections of pictures made with wider lenses and then upscaling them for use in my blog.

One issue that I haven’t addressed yet is that I need to set the camera up just for these kind of images and do a lot of checking as to the appropriate settings for the conditions.  This means that I probably won’t be able to photograph events this way and at the same time, make normal images for Homewood, etc.  One solution might be to use two separate cameras in those cases and switch back and forth, but that would mean getting another camera.  An alternative would be to print the regular images, like I did with the last image below from a book I made of a Homewood trip, and then photographing the print.


  1. bkcitta

    Absolutely stunning images. Is it not possible to use custom settings on your camera for different settings? Intrigued and learning much following blog. Thanks for sharing.