Seeing the Common Differently

220830-085015-JEH22 I saw this patch of light as it flickered and moved so I photographed it to see how it would look.  The light was filtered through a tree where the wind was blowing the leaves and then coming through the bathroom window onto the side of the shower with towels, etc. hanging on the door.  

I have been on a path of photographing common everyday items or scenes around me, but doing it in a manner that enables me to explore how it might look.  I want to figure out new ways of seeing and displaying the only things I have to photograph.

Finding different ways to see are critical for my photography since it might be that either I succeed or else stop photographing.

So far I’m finding that my trials only work minimally.  I still need to find different compositions, etc. and the techniques I try don’t do much to overcome the lack of new things to photograph.  The images that work are few in number.