Still Have the TG-6

I had planned to sell all of my cameras other than the X-Pro3, and they are all gone except for the Olympus TG-6 camera.  I left it for last.  Now I’m having second thoughts and will keep the TG-6 for a while longer, maybe until my next iPhone replacement.  The reason is that the TG-6 is a unique camera that fits in a pocket and is waterproof.  As our weather gets wet again, I am less inclined to deliberately take the X-Pro3 out in the rain.  Why not just keep the TG-6 for those walks in the rain, etc.

I used the X-Pro3 to photograph the TG-6 (top image above) and then used the TG-6 to make the next group of four images (above) as I compared the image quality.  The following are from a morning walk and made with the TG-6 camera.