Is This It

I’m close to locking down a B&W look I like and how to make it; but, I still want to narrow its’ characteristics and see if I can use them across different conditions.  I like the images of my hand, but I will still try to see how I can make it work on other subjects in different lighting.  

Then I need to move on to what, where, and when do I photograph to make similar images.  Given that I have no answers to what, where, and when yet, I don’t know when you will be seeing many other samples like these above.  I need similar lighting and subjects that I can photograph up close unless I decide to acquire some additional lenses.

I never thought that I would switch totally to making B&W images; but, it depends.  The problem is that I still need to find things and places to make images if I am going to continue my blog images, and underlying those decisions is the big one.  Why do I want to continue blogging and making images?  

A major factor that has kept me going in the past is that while old men tend to spend their days doing things the way they always did, I have always thrived on change.  I preferred to always look at the world from different perspectives.  Sticking to one way of looking leads one to being biased in how they interpret what they see.  Will I fall into the “old man way” now?  I hope not.

If I continue blogging with images, it is more likely that I will keep changing in how I see things.  The primary question now is how often will I tend to work with B&W vs. switching to something else?  I think that depends on what, where, and why I wish to photograph something.

We had planned to be in WVa next week to get an early start on photographing the colors of the leaves, but we canceled that trip due to pending medical evaluations, etc.  That will likely mean that I stick with B&W until something else changes …. but the longer I do that, the more I like B&W.

A big issue is the lack of new experiences.  Experiences come before pictures.  Until I do something different, there will not be many new pictures.  I need to find new experiences that fit within the constraints of getting older.  In the meanwhile I will keep experimenting with different ways of photographing the common every day things around me.