No Current Need

220918-104001-JEH22I currently no longer have a need for the canes.  That is good, but it is probably because I haven’t been walking as much.  That is bad.  One of the reasons for not walking as much is that I am tired of walking the same paths, day after day, year after year.  I’m not getting rid of these canes since I expect the need for them will come back, but I will probably get rid of many of my other canes.

The same reasoning applies to my photography gear.  I really have no need for it.  I’m tired of photographing the same things, day after day, year after year.  That is really bad.   It creates an emptiness in me.  For now, I will keep my camera and lenses but get rid of other excess straps, bags, etc. while I search for other means to extend my photography.

I’m thinking about and working on how to simplify, minimize, and get rid of other things that no longer have meaning for me.