My Hope


My hope is to use the Pentax KP as much as I can.  Those who have been following me for a long period know that I have had problems with the weight of previous Pentax cameras.  With the colder weather coming, my issues with my hands, knees, and back will get more severe and I may have to not use the KP as often as I would like.  If that happens I will carry it less often, photograph less often, and occasionally use my Olympus TG-6 or my Fuji X-Pro3 cameras.

So far, I only have the one lens for the KP.  That is the 18-135mm zoom lens.  I’m considering getting another lens or two but I haven’t decided which ones yet.  I used them to capture the above image this morning when it was only 46 degrees F.  I wanted to start a possible series before the tropical rains come later tonight.

I will keep the X-Pro3 to use with prime lenses.  My only concern with the KP is using it indoors close to people.  I have never used a Pentax DSLR at an indoor event except for two when the audience noise levels were high.  Initially I am planning to use the KP outdoors for nature photography especially when the weather is wet, and the X-Pro3 when I’m around people and I need to be more discreet.  I haven’t been doing indoor photography among the residents since the beginning of Covid, but if I am able to return to that I will probably use the X-Pro3 camera.

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