Pausing Walk-about Photography


In 2012 I used a Pentax K5 with the 55-300mm lens to make this picture of a raccoon that Misty had treed.

Yesterday, I used the Olympus TG-6 to make the bottom image of a raccoon that had been killed on the road next to Homewood.

It is nice to use the longer Pentax zoom lens but the Olympus is easier and much lighter to carry with its effective 100mm zoom lens.

Which camera I use depends on how I’m feeling and dealing with the weight more than the focal length range or quality of the image.

I am pausing my walk-about photography while my mobility is increasingly constrained.  I have gotten to the point where how lite or not the camera is isn’t a controlling factor as my pain increases with distance very quickly with or without any camera.  Until I get it accurately diagnosed and fixed, I will be ceasing with taking a camera out walking or standing for periods with a camera in my hands.