Different B&Ws

In celebration of my return to Pentax I had a coffee cup printed with an image of me using my Pentax KP camera; but that’s not what is new that I’m writing about.

While I’m not out and about and taking it easy instead, I have decided to use my Fuji X-Pro3 camera around the house while I work on different styles in B&W.  I wanted to develop and use a lighter image style than I have been using for my B&W photography.  I am primarily using the Acros profile along with a different tone curve for this one.  I would like to improve my B&W processing and I therefore hope to try various techniques.

I toy with the idea of doing everything in B&W; but, I will probably switch to color when it is necessary to show the story, like in the previous two posts where I used Classic Neg profile.  The alternative is to only show images that work in B&W.