Earlier Walk with Pentax

Click on one of the above images and then cycle through them in larger size.

Proceeding with my learning process with B&W, I wanted to learn how my processing would work with Pentax jpegs that had been captured in color.  I therefore went back and revisited some images that I had made during my last walk with the Pentax gear for awhile.

I see no problems with using color jpeg files to make B&W images in Lightroom.  The bigger issue is learning what works in B&W vs. color.  See the bird in the center of the first image above.  It was a quick catch of a bird flying from limb to limb.  I didn’t think I captured the bird after I took the shot at a focal length of 300mm.  Once I downloaded it to my computer I saw that I had captured it.

A problem with B&W is that it makes it harder to identify birds, etc., so I took a look at a closer (cropped) color image of the bird.  I show it below, but I’m still not sure what kind of bird it is, might be in the warbler family.  I’ll have to rely on the birders to identify it.


  1. Svente

    With my Pen-F i use some mode of stacking: A picture creates 3 versions = 3 jpeg files (color mode 2, b&w, other b&w mode). I transfer all 3 and then decide which to keep.