Resting, Recovering, Thinking

Bouncing around from using zoom lenses to make color images of outdoor subjects has meant that I neglected other things.  Should I concentrate on one thing … one camera, one prime lens, one theme?  I don’t think trying to photograph multiple subjects in multiple styles and with multiple cameras and lenses has helped my photography since I haven’t been learning to do it better.  Photographing multiple things in multiple ways only gives me variety. 

I used my X-Pro 3 camera with the 23mm lens to make the above images.  One of my concerns is whether to use monochrome or color.  I like monochrome, but I also like the Fuji film simulation Classic Neg.  An issue with using Classic Neg is that I can only use it with one of my three cameras; whereas, I can use any of my three cameras to make similar monochrome images.  This difference has an influence on me as well as what camera to use.

My issue isn’t how to photograph with what camera or in what style.  The primary issue is why to photograph.  The why determines what as well as with what gear and how to process the images.  Needing to know why has been my concern for some time, but rather than reaching for an answer I have been playing around with various cameras and processes, and subjects.

But, I might still mix up what I photograph and with which camera and in what style depending upon my opportunities, or rather lack of opportunities.  It is hard to predict the future.  I find myself thinking that I should have just kept my X100V camera and only photographed what I could  with it.  It would have simplified my decision.  I also miss the X100V LCD.  I sometimes get frustrated with the limited LCD of the X-Pro 3 camera.

It is time to settle on a reason/purpose, or multiple purposes, and I hope to spend the next few weeks reaching a decision as I keep recovering and seeing what I will be able to accomplish.