Fall Photography

I’m spending my time inside this fall and missing the best colors and weather.  Wearing my indoor moccasins rather than shoes, staring out the windows, cruising the internet, and taking an assortment of pain medicines.

Maybe next fall will be better, but maybe not.  Those kind of thoughts don’t help me in deciding how I will continue with my photography; therefore, I am trying to not think too much about my reasons for my future photography just yet.

To keep working on practicing, I picked up the TG-6 and made the above images from the comfort of my chair and then played around with them in both color and monochrome.  I used the TG-6 both times because of its small size and pocket-ability since I needed to carry a camera in a pocket so that I had both hands free and no camera swinging around on a strap.

I’m not pleased with the fact that both this fall and last fall I used the lowly TG-6 camera.  Some of my pictures from last fall are on my website, but just looking at them on my site, I realized that something must have changed since you can no longer view the images in a larger size.  That is another bummer.

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