Waste of Time

The thing that took me back to Fujifilm gear was the colors.  I have been using the Classic Neg film simulation, but saving the raw files and using them to also look at other color schemes to see what I like best for various situations.  I keep going back to the Classic Neg.  I also wonder, why not just use and save the jpegs.  It just isn’t the color calibration.  It is also the tonality, contrast, and exposures that Fujifilm uses with Classic Neg.

My concern is that I am probably wasting my time.  Until I figure out my reason for continuing my hobby, and finding new things worth photographing, and new things to do with it, anything I do or think about photography is just a waste of time.

Or is that my reason, to fill time by wasting it.  I don’t like that conclusion.  I need a change in what I do with photography, but I don’t know what it is.  I only know it isn’t making pretty colorful postcard-like images.

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