Past Blog Photography


  1. Show examples from my daily life.
  2. Show scenes around Homewood that residents might be interested in.
  3. Illustrate my thoughts about relevant future problems and expectations.
  4. Illustrate my thoughts and trials relative to photography.

Note that these are all purposes that I have used for blogging.  They represent a mixed bag of reasons when using various cameras to generate images.  My question now is:  Can I achieve my desire to simplify and get down to one camera and continue with the above purposes for blogging?

You might be thinking, why do I need to get down to one camera and one lens?  My reasons are that I wish to prepare for additional downsizing in my living conditions as well as dealing with expected future impacts of aging with less mobility and ability to handle heavy photography gear.  In addition, I wish to impose less of a burden on the environment.  In other words, I believe in planning for changes.

I also like using certain cameras better than others and that is why I’m letting my camera preferences and considerations help drive my decisions relative to my reasons for future blogging.  I might just pick one camera and lens for my future photography and let that determine what I will use for my future post images; i.e., more limited simplified purposes for blogging that fit my camera choice.  It might be one of the above cameras, or it might be a different small camera, or it might be an iPhone similar to the one I used to make the above image.


  1. paula graham

    I follow your deliberations with great interest, I still have my 15yrs old Nikon D3 and the 70×200 Nikon zoom, and that is what I use for all my photos these days, trusted, so well used and therefore known, I can do the settings in the dark. I wear a sort of harness so it is not heavy round my neck and that is it.!!


  2. Svente

    I am currently experimenting with Sony. The small cameras and also their smartphones! Some phones from Sony have a dedicated shutter button and i love their camera app.

    I’ve always disliked heavy equipment and so used a Sigma dp2 for two years.