Approaching Dusk and Still No Decision

 As dusk approached one day, I switched to the Pentax KP and the 18-135mm lens for these images.

I have been trying to decide which camera system I want to use.  When I made these, it was between the Pentax and the Olympus E-M5 III with the 14-150mm lens for these kinds of images.  The Olympus wins for versatility, size, weight, and silence.  The Pentax wins for low light image quality and colors, but is large and heavy.

Lately I have been trying all of the cameras I have, or had.  Some of the recent improvements in processing between Lightroom and ON1 have raised my opinion of the Olympus and smaller sensor cameras as I have gone back and reprocessed images that I made earlier.

At this moment it looks like my decision between these two systems might come down to cost and mostly, can and would I carry the Pentax DSLR camera and lens?  But, I haven’t ruled out other compromise systems.

I could get the Fujifilm 18-135mm lens for the X-Pro 3 camera, but I prefer the LCD and image stabilization of the Pentax and Olympus, and using the Fujifilm X-Pro 3 with the 18-135mm lens only weighs 173 g (or 0.038 lb.) less than the Pentax, so getting the Fujifilm 18-135mm lens is probably not worth it.

Another factor that keeps rearing its’ head is, what if I just go with a small sensor system, real small sensor like what’s in my TG-6?  It would be a large factor relative to what I choose to do; i.e. my purpose.  If all I do is make images showing the changes in the weather, etc., it might be easier to pursue with a small sensor camera.

Weighing heavily over my indecision is wondering if any of this is worth the cost if all I photograph are scenes of how it looks around Homewood; i.e., the same views but showing changes in the weather, lighting, etc.  I really would prefer some different photography, or maybe in addition.  It all comes back to why; i.e., my purpose.

I still have a couple of other cameras and lenses, to try before I merge my potential purposes with cameras.