Another Small Sensor Camera

I have also been trying a Lumix ZS80 pocket camera as I explore what I can do with a small sensor camera with more reach.  It works OK as long as I don’t try to reach out too far with the zoom lens and as long as there is sufficient light.  The image stabilization isn’t good enough for me to use the camera at the lens’ maximum zoom.  The lens is also too slow to use in low light, especially while zoomed out aways. The focusing also seems too slow to capture things like flying geese.

I wanted to try the ZS80 since I use the maximum equivalent zoom of 100mm on the TG-6 and I want more range than that.  It doesn’t look like I will get much more than that, depending on lighting.  The lack of faster focusing is also a limitation for a walk around pocket camera.  Since I like to use cameras in low light and the TG-6 is better, I returned the Lumix ZS80.

I used the Fuji X-Pro 3 to make the image below of the Lumix camera in extremely low light.  It was practically dark with no signs of lens details in the EVF.

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