Old Men Need Image Stabilization

It seems that the only time I venture out is for a medical reason.  This outing was early on a foggy morning for a followup doctor visit and I decided to take my TG-6 camera along and see how it performed.  While processing the images, I realized that the feature that enabled me to make these images was the image stabilization.  

I also have image stabilization in my Pentax DSLR camera and really like it, but it is too large and heavy and noisy to take with me on outings like this.  I don’t have image stabilization in my X-Pro 3 and that sometimes becomes a problem and is one reason why I’m considering replacing it.  Old men need lighter, smaller cameras and lenses as well as image stabilization.

One comment

  1. Marc R.

    Hey John, I switched to Fuji X series after Pentax K-3, but eventually switched to Olympus E-M1 MKIII, because they are smaller and lighter, and all Olympus cameras have that image stabilization. Now the new OM-5 is out, which is even smaller and lighter.