End of My Pentax Era

These are the last pictures I made with the Pentax KP.  I took them on 6 Nov.  I have been a user of many different Pentax DSLR models for over 12 years, off and on; but, I have sold all of my Pentax gear (camera and lenses), and I don’t intend on getting anymore Pentax DSLR cameras.

I have started my reduction in size, weight, and number of cameras and lenses.  My age, situation, and declining opportunities for photography warrant getting serious about downsizing.  I have spent many years trying different camera systems and now is the time to finally reduce, replace, and simplify with less.

Just to be clear, I’m not replacing my Pentax gear because of anything other than size and weight.  The image quality, reliability, ruggedness, and weather resistance were, and still are, excellent.  I would love to continue using them, but the cameras are just too heavy for me to carry and use comfortably as I grow older.  I tried lighter and lighter DSLRs over and over, but the results were the same.  My back, knees, and hands all screamed stop trying.