Should I … I Could

Don’t forget to click on one of the images and cycle through them in a larger size.  They really need to be viewed larger. 

I have been wondering if I should just use my TG-6 camera to make monochrome images for the rest of the winter, especially when out walking.  Recently I have only been taking my pocket camera whenever I go anywhere as I ponder this question.  

I could do it providing I find appropriate contrasts, lighting, etc.  Doing this type of photography would still be a challenge.  I could use the TG-6 to make the raw files and then utilize various styles in the processing; but, finding appropriate compositions would be the biggest challenge.

Using the TG-6 camera isn’t going to solve the issue of finding different things to photograph.  It might help in the sense that I would be more likely to have it with me in case I saw a different subject to photograph; but, I still need to go somewhere else, or at least try some different perspectives to photograph the common everyday things around me.