Rethinking my Photography

221128-091319-JEH22We had an activity at Homewood at Plum Creek where the residents were supposed to decorate the trees in the hallways of our Community Center.  In the past I took pictures of the residents decorating the trees and they were published in the Plum Line.  When I got there at the designated time I found few residents and that most of the trees had already been decorated; i.e., few pictures to be made.  This image was of the tree in the main lobby, mainly being decorated by the staff due to the need to be on a ladder. 

I did not show this image in color since the variety of colors and patterns and various light sources of different temperatures, in my opinion, create too much visual clutter.  All of that clutter distracts from seeing the essence of the activity.  Showing this image in color would just emphasize the crazy patterns and colors all mixed together regardless of whether they worked well together or not.

For several reasons, I’m now rethinking whether or not I want to try and get back into the practice of photographing similar indoor events.  We still have a dark cloud hanging over us in the way of diseases and the desire of many to not participate in group activities.  I no longer have the better cameras and lenses for low light photography in areas with mixed light and the white balance issues.  I sold them early in the pandemic since I didn’t have a use for them, and now with inflation I don’t want to spend the money to replace them.  I am also tired of trying to accommodate the indoor decor with all of the old style ancient patterned carpets, paint, light fixtures, wallpapers, etc.  The decor reminds me of the Downton Abbey era.  And, I don’t have the physical stamina for longer sessions on my feet with the need to do lots of walking around.

Hmmm, it seems that, if I continue indoor activity or event photography, maybe I should only process Homewood vernacular photography in old style monochrome sepia.