Walk-About Photography


With the coming of winter and wet, windy, cold weather, I’ll be using my TG-6 camera more often.  The challenge for me is, as it always has been, how much, or what, can I do with it.  I really wouldn’t mind, rather would find it interesting, if I could do all of my walk-about photography with that little camera.

Another related aspect of my photography is that I like to take pictures and then load them into my computer and see what can be made with them.  I have done this most often in the past with this small pocket camera since I am most likely to have it with me.

Early in my use of this camera I believed that my success with it depended upon the quality of bright lighting.  This past year I have found that isn’t always true.  The camera can do well in very dark conditions if I manage the exposure settings appropriately along with the processing of the images.  

I might get something very different from what I saw when I took an image.  In the above example, I took the image in the middle of the afternoon when it was brighter than you see here.  I am finding that I can use the camera to create an entirely different style of image.

I hope to explore this usage of the camera and see what I can create.  I’ll think of it initially as a potential mini project; but, I’m already wondering if I can make enough images to print that test book or magazine that I have been wishing to do in B&W.  If nothing else, I now have another idea to try as I while away the cold wet winter days, provided I go out for walks, ideally somewhere different.

What I must do if I’m going to generate satisfying walk-about photography for my blog is to go somewhere else to walk, but so far, I haven’t done that.  Rather than doing that, I have been considering just stopping with my blogging and photography.  That hasn’t happened yet either.