Simple Experiment

I have long been looking for something more to do with my photography while at the same time keeping it simple.  I like B&W, but I hadn’t gotten to the point where I thought it was working for me.  Since I need some way to continue my photography when the weather isn’t kind to my old body, I have been thinking of ways to continue making images from inside no matter the weather or lighting.

The images above are another variation that I considered.  I made these with the Sigma 56mm f/1.4 lens with a variable ND filter on the front of it.  I put the camera in manual mode and set the shutter speed to 1/6 sec., the aperture to f/1.4, and the ISO to 3200.  I turned the variable ND filter to get the exposure I wanted and photographed hand held with the E-M5 III camera.  I used the camera monotone style with the camera aspect ratio set to square. The only additional processing with LR was to tweak the exposures and resize them for my blog.

My desire was to end up with darkish mysterious images that didn’t require extensive adjustments by the camera or with software.  I haven’t decided whether these will work under enough conditions until I try the technique out on a wider range of scenes and a wider range of light conditions.  I will probably need to either lower the ISO or leave ISO set to auto. 

This was a simple basic approach to making images, and I found it to be fun.  I’ll have to continue playing with it under other conditions to learn if I want to use it before I move on to something else.  Basically, efforts like this are just for something to experiment with when I have nothing to photograph.

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