Photography due to Curiosity?

I have been wondering about whether I should continue with using my pictures in my blog.  The main question I need to first answer is, “Why do I continue with photography for a hobby?”  

Is my camera an excuse to do something else?  At one time it might have been to give me a reason to engage with other people, but if so, that went away with the arrival of covid.

Another excuse was to give me a reason to go out and walk, but I have been walking without a camera more and more so I don’t think that is a primary reason.

I’m starting to now put more emphasis on photography as just a way to entertain myself and keep busy.  In that regard, the emphasis tends to shift toward processing and just collecting pictures for playing with processing.  I find that I photograph most anything that looks interesting from a processing perspective.  I take pictures often to just see what is in them and how well they work in various styles.  Charlie would say that I do this since I am curious, so is curiosity my reason?

A side question that keeps coming up is, “With what focal length lens?”  At the moment I’m wondering if the focal length makes much of a difference for my playing.  I used the Lumix 20mm lens to capture the above images of ice along the edges of Plum Creek, and then cropped them in order to emphasize what I saw during editing and processing.

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