The Future

December 2022 had some of the coldest days that I have experienced in Hanover, PA.  Yes, global warming contributed to it.  It is the extreme warming of the polar regions that creates the change in upper level winds and the big dips in the polar vortexes.  They are just another change in the weather patterns caused by our warming of the planet.  

More extremes to come.  More polar vortexes, more immigrants, more wildfires, more droughts, more strain on our electrical generation, more storms of all types, more floods, more record hot spells, more wild political activities, and more shortages in food resources.  All bringing rising costs.

I just need to make the most of any changes and be thankful that something is changing in my life.  Without the external changes, life would be dull.  I will continue my pursuit of figuring out how to express my feelings and the changes with my photography.


  1. Streets of Nuremberg

    Thoughtful post, John! We‘re sitting in the snowless mountains at 60 degrees. It feels like spring. Crazy world! Happy New Year to you and yours! And greetings from Austria to Pa. I vividly recall my New Year in the Pconos when we drowned in snow. This was 1985 😉


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