Watching the Buds

I originally processed these in B&W, but I knew some of you were wondering if I had decided to go all B&W.  I really don’t have an answer, yet.  Most likely I will switch back and forth depending on how I feel, etc.

I have some things I wish to learn how to do that I think will work best in B&W, but they might not.  I go through periods when I think about doing all of my processing in one way, but I soon get bored with everything the same.  If the future is like the past, at least for my photography, I will keep trying and searching for “one way” and never quite get there.

One problem that I have is that I’m not sure that I want to photograph “pretty flowers” this spring.  I know full well what these buds turned into in previous years and I have photographed them over and over before.  I need, really need, to do something different, and I haven’t found it yet.

Life is a journey, and as old as I am, I still keep searching.  Wouldn’t it be interesting if these buds surprised me?