Still Thinking

I have been thinking a lot and making lots of images; but not posting them this winter.  I have been trying different cameras, different lenses, and different processing as I consider how and what and can photograph after it warms up a little.

230125100752One dilemma that I have to resolve is which camera will I use, and when and where.  I had been photographing mostly with the Olympus E-M5 III but switched back, again, to try a Pentax KP and one lens, the Pentax 18-135mm zoom lens. I planned to use the Pentax outdoors, especially in bad weather, but I used it to make this image as I considered other uses.  I plan for it to be my apocalypse camera.  Theoretically I could use either camera as a one and only, but they do have different advantages for specific uses, and I’m still working those out.

Some might find it odd that my main differentiators are the hand grip, the on-off switches, and the LCD.  I need to use two hands to lift and turn-on the smaller lighter Olympus since the on-off switch is on the left side (from the rear) while I can lift the Pentax and turn it on with my right hand at the same time.  I also like the tilt LCD of the Pentax better than the articulated LCD on the Olympus.

Another differentiator is that I have some prime lenses for the Olympus and it is silent to use with the electronic shutter.  The Pentax’s IS only works when using the mechanical shutter and if I buy prime lenses for it they will be screw drives and noisy to focus.  That grinding focusing noise along with the shutter and mirror slap makes the Pentax noisy so I try to only use it when I’m some distance from people or animals.