Life’s a Blur

I am still on the edge concerning what to do with my photography.  I photographed a retirement party the other day using my micro 4/3 gear.  It was difficult and resulted in less than ideal images.  I had to use lower shutter speeds with the lighting and lenses I have in order to handle the lighting conditions and that resulted in occasional subject motion blur.  In addition, the micro 4/3 system doesn’t handle the dynamic range of the lighting as well as larger sensors.

I have also been asked to photograph another event next month that will be even harder to do with what I own since it will require longer focal lengths and a lot more time on my feet.  After the last time photographing, my back was in agony for days.  My dilemma is whether to say I can’t manage to photograph such activities anymore, or whether to buy another better camera system, or to muddle through another difficult situation and do what I can, knowing that it will be of less quality than I did in past years.  Considering that I will also be feeling bad during and for days afterwards, the last option is even less appealing to me.

When the Covid pandemic hit, I expected it was going to last long enough to create a lot of changes when we came out of it.  I therefore sold my better, heavier, more expensive gear and settled down to using micro 4/3 gear during the pandemic.  Now that it looks like others are getting back to normal I need to decide if the combined higher costs of acquiring better gear along with my additional aging are worth attempting to return to the way it was before.  I know that it is impossible for me to get back to photography like in the past, but I’m looking for (and haven’t found) a compromise.

In the meanwhile, I keep trying different ways of photographing other “stuff” using the gear I own.  The above images were made deliberately in camera, as photographed, through the window this morning.  I set the camera to higher contrast, low key, red filter, monochrome files which I manually defocused and did nothing else to them in LR other than a little cropping and resizing for my blog.

Hmmm, maybe playing with different monochrome styles is enough.

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