Trying Classic Neg in Homewood

I was out walking around using Fujifilm Classic Neg film simulation as I wondered how it would work for scenes around Homewood while using the X-T30 II camera with the 18-55mm lens.  I photographed saving raw files and then used LR to emulate the Classic Neg simulation so that I could switch and try different film simulations.  I like Classic Neg, but it doesn’t work as well with skin tones.  If I use jpegs to capture a larger number of images of people I will likely use the standard Fujifilm simulation.

For those who are wondering how I like the X-T30 II camera, I like the size, weight, and the way the LCD tilts.  I have had some trouble with inadvertent changes of some settings and I’m still working on getting it set up and as error free as possible before I use it on anything important.

I like the size and weight of the 18-55mm lens on the X-T30 II, but I would like a lens that is a little longer and faster, but not heavier.  That isn’t possible, so I still have to think some more about other lens compromises.

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