Camera of Choice, for the Moment

So far, I’m enjoying using the Fujifilm X-T30 II camera for walkabouts.  It is small and lightweight, especially with the TTArtisan 27mm F2.8 pancake lens on it.  I purchased this combination after I found that the Fujifilm X100V was impossible to obtain.  I went with the above combination when I discovered that it weighs only 490 gm vs. the X100V’s weight of 478gm.  It isn’t weather resistant; but, it is a more versatile camera since I can use other lenses on it.  I took this picture after the rain had stopped.

230221211310-2The TTArtisan lens is a lot less expensive than the Fujifilm equivalent lens, but not quite as good, depending upon the aperture, etc.  For my uses, the only thing that counts is whether it is good enough for me to carry around to record changes in our environment, etc.  I made the picture of the Rhododendron with it this morning.  It is from a jpeg with the Classic Chrome film simulation which has been tweaked in LR.  The last image is a crop from the Rhododendron image that has been upsized.

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