Environmental Changes

Those who have been following my blog for some time should have noted that I stopped writing about climate change and global warming.  One reason was that it has been a disruptive subject among some older generations, such as those who live at Homewood at Plum Creek.  Another reason I stopped was that I firmly believe that global heating is happening and we are beyond the point of being able to stop it due to our inability to ever convince populations to make the changes necessary to reverse it.  I believe that we need to change our approaches to dealing with it.

I believe that the results of global heating are going to be major and very disruptive to all aspects of global societies.  Everything will be impacted severely.  Our cultures will change, our economics will change, our food sources will change, migrations will change, our politics will change, and our financial and human support of our senior generations will be impacted negatively; i.e., every manner of our existence will be changing and we need to understand this and act accordingly for our continued existence.  Plan for changes since everything will, to various degrees, be changing.  Our total environment will change.

I am still considering projects and ways to continue with my blog and photography and I have not decided whether to tackle writing about the environmental changes coming, or not.  I know that it wouldn’t be appreciated or change the manners of my local viewers.

The first three images were made along Plum Creek and the last one was made on the edge of the big pond at Homewood.  I used my Pentax KP camera as I walked and considered how, or if, a Pentax DSLR camera will fit into my future photography of the local environment.


  1. babsje

    Thoughtful post today, and good photos. Do you remember for a long time the talk was of “global warming,” and then somehow that expression fell out of favor and was replaced with “climate change?”


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