Straight Documentary Photography

I ran out of ideas, long ago, relative to what I could find to photograph that was different.  Other than crafts, electric lines, the departing of the old and replacement with the new, the continuing erosion of the banks of Plum Creek, and the phases of the moon, there isn’t much other than photos of residents which I don’t publish on my blog due to privacy concerns.  Have you gotten the idea that I am tired of the above photography?

I would rather do something different and I’m still considering other things like walking the streets of Hanover and making images in B&W, or color, and making a book of the images.  If I do photograph on the streets of Hanover, and there are several reasons why I shouldn’t, I want to capture details rather than straight-on architectural shots of buildings.

If I stop photographing the same old stuff around Homewood and don’t go to the streets of Hanover, my most likely possibility is stopping with my blog photography.  If it comes to that I might continue with my lifestyle photography in B&W and collect images for a possible private book.

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