Working Differently

My personal challenge, or desire, is to find a type of photography, that I can do with just rugged waterproof pocket cameras, that is different, that is expressionistic, and that expands the utility of such cameras.  My optimum goal would be to apply it to different subject matter, including people in such a manner that they wouldn’t be recognizable.  These images are just a sample of my trials so far.  The main difficulty with using such cameras is that they don’t have shutter speed controls and I have to trick the camera into slower shutter speeds.

If I could make this work it would save me a lot grief about buying more expensive cameras and lenses and then carrying them about while looking for images.  It would also give me additional ways to photograph common scenes.  Since this scheme I’m exploring also uses photography software in the processing, it also gives me other avenues to learn. 

What is the saying … different courses for different horses.


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