Beaten Down by the Cold Rain

230313132912I’m wondering at this stage if I should sell my Pentax KP camera and 18-135mm lens and just use one of my waterproof pocket cameras for my walkabouts and personal photography.  I am also wondering why only use my Fujifilm camera and lenses for photography of Homewood events.

Those changes would be a drastic step backwards, at least in some eyes, so I’m just going to let things evolve and see what happens.

I used the Ricoh WG-80 to make this image and if all I do while walking about is photographing similar flowers, etc., why not just use pocket cameras?

I have also started therapy for my balance issues which have been affecting my photography and I need to see how I progress.

I need to decide on what I will want to photograph, and how I can do it, in the future.

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