Is the End Coming?

My future photography is bleary and uncertain, as is the future of various aspects of the photography community as many websites shut down their blogs, others just wither away, etc.  Maybe I should also let this blog set and go dark.  For now I’m just going to let it drift without frequent new posts while I look for something different to do, different scenes or different styles or different equipment, or … whatever.

But first understand that the end isn’t coming.  Things are just changing.  They always change.  My concern is how do I change, and do I have the time and energy to pursue a change.  Most of us lose the ability to change as we get older and approach the end of life.  My challenge is to make the most of these changes, even if they are all deemed to be a steep decay in the way of life as we remember it, and figure out a way to depict these changes with the energy I have left.

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