Waiting with Pentax Gear in Hand

I made the above images while trying another Pentax lens and waiting to see if the forecast potential storms were going to materialize.

I still like my Pentax camera and lenses.  Yes, I said plural lenses.  I am trying the 55 – 300mm lens again.  I have had it before and I like it, but for one thing.  That one thing is the combined weight of the camera and lens and the effect on my back.  I have tried to leave Pentax behind several times in the past due to my back.  I am now working on getting in better shape so that I can use the heavier, more rugged Pentax gear.  Whether or I will be successful still remains to be seen.


  1. bluebrightly

    Wonderful mood and light.
    It could be that it’s not only the Pentax and lens that make such interesting images possible but also your comfort with the setup. If you’re happy with it (in spite of the weight) you’re better able to directly express yourself. Good luck with strengthening!


    • John Holmes

      Lynn, you are so correct. It comes down to the fact that I like the handling and controls of the Pentax and I like the way the image files can be worked better than Fuji’s. I find that it is more fun to work the Pentax files to achieve the “look” I want.


      • bluebrightly

        It’s interesting that the Pentax files are easier to process the way you like. I’ve been using Olympus so long now that I don’t remember that kind of difference. 🙂