Why Publish Images?

One reason for displaying particular images, processed in a particular way, is to show how life, the environment, etc. is changing.  The problem is that an image shows only how it might have looked at one time and tells nothing about why it looks that way.  A single photo doesn’t depict a story; but, images can be accompanied with text that sets the context, like the before and after.  

A concern I have is that we all don’t see the same as others.  By see, I mean what is happening to the environment, how it is changing, etc.  I am often surprised, or disappointed in how others don’t “see” what I see.  Often this is because they don’t want to see what I see.  Some viewers of my posts in the past took offense with what I wrote.  Some said they only look at the pictures and don’t read what I write. 

I’m still dithering about whether to primarily display images or to primarily make and use images to illustrate a point that I write about.  In the meantime, I have lately been leaning toward images for the sake of what they look like and less often writing about my concerns, or at least “watering down” what I write.  I will probably continue with a mix of reasons for publishing an image.  If I only wrote or published pictures related to what the future looks like, I’m afraid that all of my images might become dark monochromes.