Exclusively B&W ?

Well, not all of my photography in B&W; but, the question has come up recently about whether I would be getting a camera that only shot in monochrome.

My first reaction was no since monochrome cameras are very expensive and I would still need to be able to photograph in color and that would require multiple cameras; but, I’m not so sure anymore.

I often find myself dreaming and thinking, what if I only had one camera that was a monochrome only camera?  What if a less expensive camera was produced that only photographed in monochrome.  Would I get one?

Rationally I should probably try to use the cameras I have and shoot and publish images only in B&W for awhile to see how I like working in only B&W.  I will say, at this point, that I have been going back through my old images and converting a lot of them to B&W just to see how I liked them.

If I only had enough compositions that worked in B&W or if only I had a theme that worked well in B&W, what might I do?  Or, what if I would be satisfied only working in B&W and was willing to make far fewer images? 

Another side of this issue of B&W vs. color, is that my local viewers here at Homewood prefer my dark, rich color images.  Considering that fact along with other questions I have, like what to do with my website, it would seem that one option would be to purify my website to appeal to local viewers and stop all references to photography gear, techniques, experimenting, etc., but that wouldn’t be much fun.  Well, maybe it would still be fun if I wrote a lot more about my views of what is happening in the world, but my local viewers don’t like that either.

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