Documentation of the Times

If all I wanted to do was document what I saw throughout the year and had a limited choice with camera and lens, I would probably use a Fujifilm X-T30 II camera with just the TTArtsan 27mm lens and photograph only using the Classic Chrome film simulation; but, I could only use that gear in dry weather, and that simulation with Fujifilm cameras.

Note that the small pond is getting green already and that the earth is cracked and “dead”, no organic matter in it.  I suppose I could concentrate on documenting the local environment.

I have issues with photography as shown above.  One, this look requires that I use my Fujifilm camera and that means I can’t achieve the same “look” with my Ricoh/Pentax cameras so I can’t mix images from multiple systems.

Second, there are a limited number of nice environmental images that I can find.  They usually tend to show the down side of entropy, etc.

Third, I like monochrome images of some scenes, and I often use my Pentax KP camera to make them.

Fourth, I don’t like the feel and experience of using my Fujifilm camera.

Resolving these issues may not be possible and I may continue with showing an assortment of images made of different things with different cameras, even though I don’t like working that way.  If I had my druthers I would prefer to use one camera system, use one style of images (monochrome ?), and pursue one theme … at least for longer periods.

One solution for me is to continue using my Fujifilm gear and colors for any photography that Homewood might choose to print in the monthly Plum Line, and to primarily use my Pentax camera to make mostly monochrome images for use in my website.

An example below of why to use monochrome.  It hides some of the issues around Homewood.

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