Walk-About Pictures

I tentatively have decided that I’ll try to continue my walk-about Homewood photography, but only occasionally.  Things don’t change much so I will try to take a camera only when I expect that there is something that has changed.  

Concentrating on our local environment is not a sufficient solution to satisfy my personal interests, so I will continue to explore, or experiment, with other ideas.  I would rather have a more purposeful photographic project more suitable for a wider audience.  I have mixed feelings about continuing with my Homewood walk-about images in my blog, but I live where I do, and have available what I have.

I would like to come up with other images and posts that tend to make us think, rather than just photographing pretty scenes.  That is not new, but I’m hoping for something different.  I would like to utilize my interest in changes around us to change the objectives of my blog, if I could make suitable pictures.  That doesn’t mean I’ll change, just that I would like to change.

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