Wasted Earth Days

It is earth day again and we are no better off than when we started observing it in 1970, just different.  And yes, I do remember my first observance of earth day.  We have wasted far too many years, years since then that we don’t have left.  Our environment is still getting worse.  Earth days just remind me of how bad off we all are and that the future looks to be far different, and worse, than in past years.

The more I use my cameras the more I realize that I can’t do it all and I really don’t want to do it all.  I would like to narrow-down my options and choices.  I would like to narrow my vision.  I have tried many different cameras and I have tried many different styles of photography and all I have done is created a hodgepodge of images.  I would like to photograph and blog with intent.

I would like to decide on my intent first and then decide on what type of camera and lenses that I need.  Then I would like to decide on a style of image:  color or B&W … not switch back and forth with cameras, lenses, and image styles.  For example, I could use one camera and style for Homewood’s use in publications and then a different style for my blog if it better fits my personal intent.

Should I use my photography to better focus on the environment and the changes? Maybe I should make that my intent.


  1. Ric

    I’ve only just come across your blog and was quite captivated by it. Your diversity in subject matter and crossing off from one gen to another. I gave up photography, sold all my gear but then two people came up when browsing my iPad one day, Olga Karlovac and Daido Moriyama.
    These two peoples styles instantly connected with me so am literally only now thinking of taking up photography again but with a difference. I’ve cast all my gear away so, armed with just my iPhone for taking photos, and an ipad for editing which has everything from snapseed editor, Lightroom and a full editing package called affinity photo.
    I have a great challenge ahead. live in a small suburb of a pretty bleak town in Wales, Uk so the styles of the two photographers mentioned may even suit what I have available to shoot.

    I think your article has just cemented my view that I was in the same situation as you, too much gear and too many genres resulting in a messy collection of styles. Will I tire of just a limited style, or would I become a better photographer for concentrating on and and creating my own place? I think you’ve helped me decide that.
    For the record, I think your mono images are superb. I hope to read a lot more of your journey as I follow mine


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