As the Fog Lifts


Ever since the Covid Pandemic upset most of my photography, I have been investigating doing something different.  I have been weaning myself off of doing photography of events for many months now.  Thanks to the staff’s excellent ability to make pictures for the Plum Line, I am now breathing easier and not feeling bad about letting others down.  I am really happy to see that the May Issue of the Plum Line has undergone a fresh new look with excellent articles and photography … without any of my pictures.

Another change that I am making is selling my Fujifilm gear, probably for the last time.  I am replacing my cameras, with the Pentax K-3 III camera which I will be checking out in the next few weeks.  I always preferred Pentax DSLR cameras, but I kept wandering away from DSLR cameras for the reason that I wanted the ability to photograph completely silently when photographing indoor Homewood events as I photographed next to residents when I did not want to interrupt their experiences in any way.  I thus tried many different mirrorless cameras and acquired more expensive long lenses and silent cameras optimized for indoor Homewood photography and retired from using my older Pentax cameras. 

These days, indoor photography is rarely needed by me since the staff and other residents have been able to make those images.  The staff are doing an excellent job taking pictures for publication in the Plum Line.  The Plum Line has just gotten better.   That has enabled me to replace my cameras with a single multipurpose Pentax K-3 III DSLR camera (not the new monochrome version) and shift most of my attention to external environmental photography.  Thank you Therapeutic Recreation Staff!  As always, you have been excellent enablers whether you realized what was happening or not.  You have helped fulfill my goals.  My fog has lifted.

I am not stopping doing photography of Homewood activities.  There are times when my longer lenses and processing can achieve getting the image and smartphones can’t, and I’m free and able to make pictures.  I am only a phone call away, so residents and staff, let me know when you have a need or know of something worth a few photographs that I haven’t made yet.  I have only utilized other’s capabilities so that I can fine-tune my photography gear towards the external environment rather than internal.


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