Restart: Similar but Different

I went out around 8am this morning when it was still drizzling so that I could make some test shots with my new Pentax K-3 III camera.  I was hoping to get some more pictures of the goslings but mama still had them tucked in bed.  

The camera is large and heavy, but not too large or heavy, and I like it a lot.  The image quality shouldn’t be too different from my previous KP camera but all of the controls, ergonomics, ruggedness, etc. are superior.  It is my fervent hope that this is my last main camera that I can use for all of my photography, at least that is my intent as of now.  

My only other camera will be my Ricoh WG-80 waterproof pocket camera for occasional use.  All of my other cameras, non Pentax lenses, and much of my bag “collection”, etc. are in the process of being disposed of.  If I can’t manage with what is left, I won’t be photographing it.

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