On the Edge

I am thinking about a photography project titled “On the Edge”.  At the moment my ideas are a little loose but I’m aiming it towards publishing the images in a zine, but all is still up in the air; i.e. full of uncertainty.

Metaphorically, I’m thinking of the images as representing life, environmentally on the edge as everything under goes change.  I don’t think that using the words Climate Change or Global Warming are sufficient for describing the consequences, at least in the near term.  Some are describing it as bringing extinction to many species of life.  I’m thinking more along the lines of an era of living on the edge of the unknown.  Our environment, life, and economy will be undergoing great changes and we don’t know all of the consequences for our current generations, but I think they are going to be severe.  We need to act now, not just whine about the possible end effects.  

At this stage this is a project that I think might work, but it is still very iffy, and dependent upon me finding suitable compositions.  Worse yet, I’m not sure what those compositions should be, or how they should be processed.  As far as for compositions and subjects, I’m thinking of trying images like the ones above.  At a minimum, the idea for the project will give me something to search for while out walking.  I used these images, as well as the ones in Sunday’s Walk in the Rain post, as I worked on a potential color image style.  At first I thought about doing all of the images as monochrome pictures; but, I’m now leaning toward color images, maybe in color processed similar to these.  I’ll see how it goes and maybe switch back to doing it in monochrome, which would make it harder to find compositions that work.

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