Just Thinking

I took some pictures for the model train “engineers” yesterday here at Homewood at Plum Creek.  I used my only camera, the Pentax K-3 III which is a DSLR of older design.  It doesn’t handle white balance quite as good as newer full frame mirrorless cameras, but I plan to make-do with what I have.  Other issues with using that camera are that indoors the combined shutter and mirror slap make a sound that could be disturbing to others, and I don’t have the best lenses for dealing with Homewood’s interior conditions.

This morning while working on their pictures I started thinking that they might look better (at least to me) in monochrome so I converted one of them as shown above.  It’s a shame that more residents don’t agree with me, since I think the images are much nicer in monochrome.

Hmmm, should I expand my monochrome work … maybe primarily monochrome?  A bigger issue with my pictures printed in the Plum Line is the quality of their printing and I don’t know that monochrome images would print any better.  My images look best digitally on my computer screen.

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