On the Edge / Reality

It is not hard to find images of our environment, infrastructure, etc. being on the edge.  Entropy never stops working and the impacts of humans on the economy, the environment, and climate just keeps getting worse.  It is harder deciding on whether to work with the images in color or monochrome.  Then, there is also the issue of how much I say about conditions.  Above are samples, shown in both monochrome and color, that I saw on one short walk.  

So far, feedback from a couple of locals was that they don’t want me depressing them anymore than they are.  If they feel that way and are not interested in being informed, they can just not look at my website; or, should I not write about it since my words won’t have any positive impact.  

Feedback on whether or not the images should be in color or monochrome is mixed.  More images work in color than work in monochrome so color would enable me to make more images; but, finding suitable images really requires that I go further afield, probably into Hanover, so color isn’t a large factor.

I’m starting to wonder if I should stop trying to think about “On the Edge” and just photograph “Reality”, in whatever manner I choose.  I can also see the value in owning that Monochrome K-3 III camera.  There would be no decision to make as to whether to use color or monochrome.

One comment

  1. Jean Ann Alwine

    I want you to continue “snapping” whatever you prefer, although I still like the colors on black. There are going to be so many colorful flowers (iris, daisies, geraniums, vincas, dahlias, etc.) in the next months and I would like to see them here. If you care to stop by on your walk, I have a Mother’s Day table display with many Oldies there! Just sayin’!!


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