Blackwater Falls in West Virginia

In early May, sections of the Canaan Valley in West Virginia and surrounding area received up to 20 inches of snow, but not all at once, which melted fast.  It was a record amount of snow for May in West Virginia.  Following that snowy week when I arrived, it had warmed up and the ground was saturated.  The first night I was there they had a thunderstorm and lots of rain.  The next day it was raining lightly, the trails were muddy with standing water, and the creeks and river levels were high while we were out and about.  I have never seen this much water flowing over the falls before.  The roar of the water was very loud.

Since it was still raining lightly while we were out and about viewing the overlooks and falls and I was carrying my Pentax K-3 III camera with the 18-55mm lens, it got baptized, but I had no problems with it in the light rain.  We had walked down to the lower level of the walkway at the falls and that is where I used my iPhone to make the video.  We were close, the lens wasn’t wide enough.

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